Friday, December 28, 2012

S3E25 It's Not a Resolution

Yes the show was delayed due to Christmas.  Thank you for your patience!

  • Audible
  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Catching you on up the past two weeks
  • Notions
    • Welcome to new group members!
    • All Prizes are out
    • Mitten Knittin'
    • What'cha Spinnin'
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • Ripping Back
    • Nemesis
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Instead of a resolution, try a goal
    • Catching my fancy
      • Making sweet stuff
  • Binding Off
    • show notes
    • email
    • Ravelry
      • KniftyKnit75
    • Music provided by Music Alley/Mevio
      • "Christmas Time Is Here" by Admiral Twin
      • "Christmas in the Country" by Codie Prevost
      • "It's Christmas Time" by A Band Called Quinn            

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

S3E24 'Tis the Season

  • Audible (link on sidebar)
  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Welcome
    • Decorating, baking, shopping, and Santa, oh my!
  • Notions
    • Extending What'cha Spinnin'?
    • Mitten Knittin'
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • Ripping Back
    • Yarn barf and two left feet...erm, hands
  • Mindful Knitting
    • 'Tis the Season
      • My holiday wish for you
    • Catching my fancy
      • Christmas specials!
  • Binding Off
    • Thanks!
    • Audible
      • (The voice actor is TIM CURRY!!!)
    • Contact info
    • Remember...

Music is supplied by Music Alley/Mevio and the songs and artists are as follows:
"We Need a Little Christmas" by Hollywood Drunks
"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" also by Hollywood Drunks
and "Merry Christmas Baby" by Calvin Owens

Monday, November 26, 2012

S3E23 The Perfect Gift

  • Audible
  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Girl Scouts
      • cookies
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • Life is normalizing
    • Sick kids
  • Notions
    • Change in schedule
      • dropped by Tuesday
    • What bugs you about podcasts
      • realization
    • Mitten Knittin'
    • What'cha Spinnin'?
    • Welcome to new group members
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • No Ripping Back
  • Mindful Knitting
    • The Perfect Gift
    • Catching My Fancy
      • Planning Christmas Treats
  • Binding Off
    • Thank you
    • Contact
    • Music from Music Alley/Mevio
      • Ya You Betcha Christmas by Gary Sundblad
  • And remember...

S3E22 Finding Those Moments

  • Audible
  • Intro
    • Thank you and welcome
  • Cast On
    • Knifty husband started working
    • Waiting until spring to start dyeing
    • birthday
  • Notions
    • Welcome
    • Mitten Knittin'
    • What-cha Spinnin'?
      • Let me see pics!
    • Thanks to Wandering Wool, Jed's Joy, and The First Draft
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • Ripping Back
    • Nemesis
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Finding the Moments
    • Catching My Fancy
      • Homemade pizza
  • Binding Off
    • Thank you!
    • Contact
    • Audible
    • Music from Music Alley/Mevio

      • Snowing In Minnesota by 27 Years
  • And remember...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

S3E21 Product vs. Process

  • Audible
  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Girl Scouts
    • Start date?
    • Halloween
  • Notions
    • Welcome to celeritas2
    • Spinning
    • Mitten Knittin'
    • Sponsors
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • Ripping Back
    • Nemesis
      • 4th incarnation
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Catching My Fancy
      • Halloween
    • Product vs. Process
    • I Wanna Hear...
      • cardigan for a pregnant woman
      • Picking up stitches
  • Binding Off
    • Thank you!
    • Audible
    • Contact info
    • Music Credit
      • 100 Year Picnic
        • I Don't Know What to Tell You
      • from Music Alley
    • And remember....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

S2E20 Retreat...It's Good For Your Soul

This episode was the dickens to get done but here it is...FINALLY!

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Hello and Welcome
      • Girl Scouts
        • fundraiser
        • magazines and nuts
          • (I used to work for Grassroots Magazine and you can buy it on here!!  How cool is that??)
      • kids off from school
      • start date?
  • Notions
    • New members!
    • New KAL
      • not for a prize, just for fun
      • Mitten Knittin'
    • Give-aways
      • giving away two braids of fiber so start spinning
      • Oct 1st-Nov 30th
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • Ripping Back
    • Bitterroot
    • Mystery Quilt
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Retreat...It's Good For Your Soul
    • Catching My Fancy
      • lace knitting
        • potato chips!
    • I wanna hear...
      • holiday knitting
      • stigma on handmade
  • Binding Off

Saturday, September 29, 2012

S2E19 Necessary Skills

S2E18 The Snowman Sweater

Monday, September 3, 2012

S2E17 And The Winner Is...

    • Featured Stash
      • drMolly's handspun
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • Ripping Back
    • None!
  • Mindless Knitting
    • Knitting for all, for some, and for none
    • I Wanna Hear...
      • do I keep my socks from falling down from nitiram
      • ...what my dream project is from lily
  • Binding Off
    • Thank you!!!
    • Contact
    • Music credits
      • 3_minute_pop_songs
        • Opening: "Our Song"
        • Ending song: "Nothing At All"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

S2E16 Glen Needs to Switch to Decaf

Sunday, August 12, 2012

S2E15a A Funny Thing Happened on the Way

S2E15 Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig

    • Intro
    • Casting On
      • Most of the catch up will be in episode 15a
    • Notions
    • Working Even in Pattern
    • Ripping Back
    • Mindless Knitting
      • Figuring out why the USOC bugged me so badly
      • Letting go of knitting guilt
      • Catching my fancy
        • Geocaching and letterboxing
          • Some sites
    • Binding Off
      • email
      • shownotes
      • Twitter - @FiberandFabric
      • Facebook
      • Music credit
        • Opening - Alan Marchand "Apesadumbrado"
        • Closing - Evelyn Nicholson "Sheep May Safely Graze" from Bach

Where are the show notes??

I promise, they are coming.  I lost my notebook with all my notes that I record from and then turn around and write the show notes from.  So I have to listen to the actual episode and type out the notes while I listen.  I'm crossing fingers that I will be able to do this today (Sunday).  If not, please bear with me.  There are lots of links for me to share with you.

Also, there will be no real show notes for episode 15a.  There are no links to share and nothing that needs show notes.  It's just a recap of our crazy, whacky, really-not-fun, disaster laden moving adventure!!  lol  Putting show notes would make listening to 15a actually superfluous.  (Like that?  And no, I don't have a word-a-day calendar.)

Anyway, keep checking back and I'll get those show notes posted for you.  Maybe if I wish it hard enough, they'll type themselves?  You don't think so either, huh?  Yeah, well, a girl can dream.

I hope you are still enjoying the show and please feel free to leave me feedback here or on iTunes or in an email.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing from you!

Have a fantastic Sunday.  Or not.  It's really up to you.  But I hope you choose to make it fantastic.


Monday, June 18, 2012

S2E13 Lucky 13

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Welcome
    • explanation for being late
    • weather
    • school is done
    • out in 2 weeks
  • Notions
    • new group members
    • apology
    • June socks
    • Rav group at 88!!
    • The First Draft
    • Featured objects
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • heart pattern is VERY VERY subtle
    Perfect yarn for heart socks
    • I heart Toe Up Socks
    • Mondo Cable
    • bound my quilt
    • bought thread
    • bought batting for Night and Day
  • Ripping back
    • darned needles
  • Mindless Knitting
  • Quilt of Valor-Yellow Brick Road
    Night and Day
    • Catching my Fancy
      • my phone!
    • Musing
      • That's Too Nice to Give to Him!
  • Binding Off
    • Thank you!!
    • Contact info
    • Music is Ehren Starks "No One Will Ever Know"

And remember, if something catches your Fancy, give it a try.  You never know, maybe you'll find something else that you love!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

S2E12 To Wash or Not to Wash - finally!

Some of the beautiful shots at Watkins Glen

Absolutely so peaceful.

This made me think of a professional pic.

Just a "little" critter we happened upon

Sunday, June 3, 2012

S2E12 To Wash or Not to Wash

Show notes will be up by tonight, June 3rd.  I have some family time to attend to.  :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

S2E11 Can't We All Just Get Along?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

S1E10 I'm No Expert

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S1E9 You Know You Can Just Buy One of Those

Saturday, April 7, 2012

S1E8 Where I Come From

Prize Donators:  (If you like the show, please consider supporting these independent small business owners)
Magic and Moonshine  and Purple Goddess Design 

Lucky Charms by Mustard Seed Yarn Lab
Mustard Seed Yarn Lab

Ceaberrys blog, shop blog, Big Cartel shop, Etsy (Be aware that she is in the process of currently stocking her shop as of the writing of this post
Green Grass Merino/Yak blend

Slipped Stitch Studios, Twitter, Facebook

(Pictures of all the prizes are shown)
Back of pattern wallet - zippered pocket
Pattern Wallet by Slipped Stitch Studio

  • Intro and Welcome
  • Casting On
    • Easter and spring break
    • Weather is up and down
    • Walking for Yarn
  • Notions
    • New segment
    • Thank you for being active on Rav board
    • Featured projects
    • Contests!!  There is still PLENTY of time to sign up
      • Sock KAL
        • 6 month or month-by-month
      • Spring Cleaning
        • Time to finish up all those projects that are just wallowing in the corner
    • Prizes (See above)
    • Promo from The Foodie Knitter
  • Working Even in Pattern
    • Vanilla sock in blue and grey Regia
    • Vanilla Ribbed sock in Regia Hand Dye Effect yarn
    • Mondo Cable Pulli
      • Malabrigo
        • Mea Culpa
    • Cupcake Mitten solution
    • Diaper Covers
  • Ripping back
    • Vanilla socks
    • Ribbed Vanilla
    • Cosmos in Blue
  • Mindless Knitting
    • Where I Come From
      • How I got started with my crafty goodness
      • Books (links to Amazon on the sidebar)
        • Basic Guide to Basic Rotary Cut Quilts
        • Learning to Quilt: A Beginner's Guide
        • Stich N' Bitch
        • Stitch N' Bitch Nation
        • The Knit Stitch
        • The Purl Stitch
        • The Knitting Experience Book 3: Color
        • Teach Yourself Visually:  Handspinning
        • Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn
  • Binding Off

This episode's music is all from Magnatunes:
"Apesadumbrado" by Alan Marchand for the opening and closing song,
The song at the end of the episode is also Alan Marchand and is "Monday Morning Blues"
Zipper pull polymer clay
And the snippet between episodes is the beginning strains of "Suite 4 in E Flat Major" by J.S. Bach played on 8 string guitar by Daniel Estrem
Daffodils in the Grass by Ceaberrys Haberdashery
Sea glass and polymer clay zipper pull

Tulips outside my window...spring is sprung!

Regia 4 ply vanilla socks

vanilla socks in Regia hand dye effect (and tulips)

Mondo Cable Pulli in Malabrigo Nostalgia

Saturday, March 24, 2012

S1E7 Ch-ch-changes

  • Intro
  • Segments
    •  Casting On
      • Explaining the show's new layout
      • catching up on the past two week's happenings
    • Working Even in Pattern
    • Ripping Back
      • Vanilla Sock
      • Design wall fell down!
    • Mindless Knitting
      • change is good
      • looking forward
      • Catching My Fancy
        • CONTESTS!!!
          • Sock KAL
            • some changes
            • every month you complete a pair of socks, you are eligible for a smaller prize
            • if you complete 6 pairs, one per month, you will be eligible for the big prize
          • Spring Cleaning contest
          • Rav group giveaway
          • will eventually start offering incentive drawings
          • Prizes that I've gotten in the mail
    • Binding Off

And remember; if you see something that interests you, give it a shot.  Who knows?  You might really like it.

Until next time.

Ending Music is "Leaving the Theatre" by Ehren Starks.  Opening music is "Apesadumbrado" by Alan Marchand.  The music snippet between segments is  "Suite 4 in E Flat Major" by J.S. Bach played on 8 string guitar by Daniel Estrem.

1.5 vanilla socks in Regia
Close up of vanilla sock from Hades
Mondo Cable pulli
Better view of the Pulli's cables
Mustard Seed Yarn Lab's fingering weight prize.  One lucky listener will own this at the end of May
Cosmos in Blue on the ironing board
Coral Reef packed away again
Thinking of Africa waiting to go back on the wall
Close up of Deep Space on the bobbin

Friday, March 16, 2012


I have been working hard to find some prizes to offer to you all for different contests/incentives/KAL's.  Wait until you see what I've got...  So excited!  Can't wait!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

S1E6 In Which I Talk. A Lot.

  • Intro
  • Segments
    • Welcome and thank you
    • Catching up
    • Knitting Nook
      • OTN
      • Good Knitting Gone Bad
        • Sweet baby is a force for destruction!
        • Vanilla sock
          • Why do the easiest projects usually end up being the most challenging to me??
          • sock book is Socks From the Toe Up by Wendy Knits
      • Finished Objects
        • Revontuli, cast off and blocked and worn
        • blocked Gust
          • cats and blocking wool
        • blocked piece of Chompa
          • worried
    • Spinning Space
      • On the Bobbin
      • Spinnning Out of Control
        • trying to ply when I realized that the leader was twisted the wrong way
        • Bobbin came apart
    • Quilting Corner
      • Under My Needle
        • Finished the design wall
          • repurposed fabric
        • Coral Reef One Block
          • Not my favorite
    • Fact!!
      • I'm a Magazine Junkie
  • Closing
    • 100 members prize
      • When I hit 100 members on my Rav group, I'll do a giveaway
  •   If you see something interesting, give it a try.  What's the worst that can happen?  And who knows, you might like it.
  • Today's music is Robin Stine's "Never Say Goodbye" 
Revontuli all finished and blocked

Close up of Revontuli

My Mondo Cable Pulli just after being cast on

Gust all stretched out on the couch

Gust being worn

Evil but beautiful vanilla sock

    Audacity has given me back exactly what I paid for it!

    Ack!  I had episode 6 completely recorded, edited, and mixed.  I had periodically saved my work.  And I was saving my final edit in preparation to upload to libsyn when Audacity decided it was hungry and munched not just the file I was working on but every single file that even had a similar name!!  Please bear with me.  I hope to have the episode up tonight but realistically, unless I can streamline the editing process down from 3 hours to 1.5 hours, it will most likely be up tomorrow.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.  Stupid Audacity!

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    S1E5 Where Do You Find the Time??

    • Intro
    • Segments
      • Welcome and thank you
      • Catching Up
        • sick baby
        • report cards
        • headlights in bad weather
        • Good Knitting Gone Bad
          • Trip to Crazy Town
      • Fact
        • Musical Me
      • Musing
        • Where Do You Find the Time
          • We all have the same 24 hours.  It is all about priorities and choices.
    • Closing
      • And remember: If you see something that looks interesting, give it a shot.  What's the worst that can happen??  And, you might actually like it.
      • Closing tune is "Lines Build Walls" by Ehren Starks from Magnatunes
    Until next episode, CHEERS!

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    S1E4 I Could Never Do That

    • Welcome
      • Intro
        • Segments include
      • Hello and thank you
    • Segments
      • Catch up
        • baby shower
        • snow!!!
        • Got my van
        • Not much crafty goodness in this episode
      •  Quilting Corner
        • 3 different One Block Wonder Quilts (this link is NOT my project...just an example for you to see)
          • no real progress
      • Musing/Fact mashup
        • "I Could Never Do That"
          • I'm self taught
          • It's just loops or straight stitching
          • No one is judging you
          • Just try it!!  What's the worst that could happen?
    • Closing
      • Thank you for listening
      • Please consider putting a review/rating on iTunes
      • Contact info
        • email:
        • show notes:
        • Ravelry group: Fiber and Fabric
        • Ravelry ID: kniftyknit75
      • Ending the show not with a song but a very sweet sound nonetheless 

    What's left of the yarn for my Revontuli
    My unblocked Revontuli
    The non-African Africa quilt

    Coral Reef One Block

    Space/planets One Block

    Toe up vanilla sock in Regia