Saturday, May 28, 2016

I'm Baaa-aaack. No, REALLY

I.                    Intro
a.       Intro me, the show, where I’m recording, date
II.                  Casting On
a.       Don’t have a clue where to start
                                                               i.      Put off recording because of it
b.      As usual, it was an unintended break but so much has happened
                                                               i.      Jamberry
                                                             ii.      Young Living
                                                            iii.      Decision to return to work
                                                           iv.      Adopted a dog!
                                                             v.      Gearing up to begin dyeing
III.                Notions
a.       I want to do a contest and relatively soon
b.      No housekeeping because I’ve been away so long
c.       Recording will return to every two weeks.
IV.                Knitting Even in Pattern (finished since we last spoke)
a.       Vanilla Latte Sock
                                                               i. Colori
                                                             ii.      Two gifted skeins in an overall pink colorway with a medium bright pink, a shade of that same pink, and then a sky blue
                                                               i.      Free Ravelry download from Orange Flower
                                                             ii.      Berrocco Comfort Sock in a variegated yarn with mostly navy blue, wine red, and a purple that’s somewhere in between
                                                            iii.      LOVE the pattern and the finished project but disliked the yarn very splitty and almost…greasy feeling.
                                                           iv.      As with any shawl pattern, it flew along until I got about halfway through and then the rows started getting longer and longer and I started to fall into a black hole!!
c.       Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman of The Knitgirllls
                                                               i.      Biscotte & Cie’s Felix Self Striping in the Hope colorway
                                                             ii.      GORGEOUS yarn, soft and luxurious feeling, no fading
                                                            iii.      Got a review skein and while that particular yarn is no longer available, many other self striping yarns are available on their site including Bis-sock which is almost identical (little more wool, little less nylon)
d.      Parisian Slouch Hat
                                                               i.      Made using Mountain Colors Twizzle in an exclusive colorway for a local hop
1.       The prettiest jewel tone rainbow EVAH!
                                                             ii.      Great pattern, fabulous yarn
e.      Another Vanilla Sock
                                                               i.      Made using another gifted skein of yarn with no ball band
1.       Guessing maybe Regia?
                                                             ii.      A royal blue, a light sky blue, a medium hue reddish orange (almost a light rust color), a dull yellow, a very light mint green, and brown and white speckled stripes
                                                            iii.      Lurve them
                                                           iv.      Only took a couple of weeks of softball knitting to complete
f.        Boot socks
                                                               i.      Vanilla sock pattern
                                                             ii.      Regia self striping
                                                            iii.      Thick stripes of solid colors (muted mid-hue green, a light mint green, a medium hue blue, and a lighter blue) and a one or two row stripe of the light mint green and white speckles.
                                                           iv.      If you’re familiar with Regia yarns, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about
g.       Counting by Jenni Wilson
                                                               i.      I call mine Counting Stripes because I didn’t follow her striping sequence
                                                             ii.      Cascade 220 Superwash in worsted (I think) in chocolate and turquoise
                                                            iii.      Love the pattern
V.                  Ripping Back
a.       Parisian Slouch Hat
                                                               i.      Looks like the prettiest blob of clown barf ever on my head.
1.       Way too big
                                                             ii.      Destined for the frog pond…when I can bring myself to do it
b.      Counting Stripes
                                                               i.      Great pattern but…  The neck is WAY too floppy and loose.  It hangs off his collar bone ridiculously
                                                             ii.      Going to rip out the neck, pick up fewer stitches, and try again.
VI.                Mindless Knitting
a.       Golden Skeins
b.      Catching My Fancy
                                                               i.      TV shows…as usual
VII.              Binding Off
a.       As always, thank you!!
c.       Kniftyknit on Ravelry
d.      Fiberandfabric75 on Instagram
e.      Fiber and Fabric on Twitter
f.        Shownotes
***No more music.  Mevio has shut down and that was my go-to music site

Saturday, February 21, 2015

S6E58 So Productive

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Welcome and thanks
    • Weather is cooling
    • Halloween
    • Kniftyhub's surgery
      • minor but sure to increase comfort
    • Fall makes me want to bake
  • Notions
      • Two weeks?
      • all warm and cuddly items
      • Post pics to enter
      • Small prizes
        • patterns and project bag
      • Last chance!
    • Craftsy
      • Watching lots
    • Retreat!
  • Working Even in Pattern
    • Finished Autumn Splendor
      • Tadone!
      • Added length
      • Quilted bottom border
      • bound and washed
    • Halloween table runner
      • quilted in Halloween motifs
    • Christmasy table topper
      • Tadone
    • 30's repro prints
      • 16 patch blocks
      • Tadone
    • Minnesota Table Runner
      • Needs last border
    • Zigzagular socks
      • Neon Now by Plymouth
    • Easy Thrummed Mittens
      • Still excited to finish
    • Next
      • boy's vanilla socks
      • Socks on a Plane
      • And...???
  • Ripping Back
    • Zigzagular
    • Quilt mischief
    • Screwy thread tension
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Productivity Amid Chaos
    • CMF
      • Sims
  • Binding Off
Music:  Ken Kurland "Halloween Spirits"

S6E57 Grounded by Crafting

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Welcome and Thanks
    • Storms
    • Ilnesses
      • eye
      • upset tummy
    • GS fun already
    • Massage and pedicure
  • Notions
    • #soakphotochallenge
    • washed and blocked
    • Gearing up for retreat
      • projects
    • Craftsy
  • Working Even in Pattern
    • Zigzagular Socks
      • Neon Now from Plymouth
        • hot pink and purple
    • Easy Mittens With Thrums
      • Berocco Ultra Alpaca and random spinning fiber samples
    • Age of Brass and Steam
      • Berocco Comfort Sock
        • acrylic and nylon
    • Quilting and finishing quilts
    • Plying yarn
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Crafting is my constant, my island in a turbulent sea
    • CMF
      • Bronze Project
  • Binding Off

Music:  Fishing For Comets "Halloween"

Monday, November 3, 2014


There was a major screw up with Libsyn and I am currently working to reinstate not only the show but all of the archived episodes.  I'm freaking out quite a bit but please stick with me!

Friday, September 19, 2014

S6E56 Connections

Music from Mevio/Music Alley: FM "This Autumn"

Friday, August 8, 2014

S6E55 Recharged Batteries

Music by Mevio/Music Alley: "Summertime" by Hemmit

Mystery punis

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Just a Note

Hey all,
I just wanted to post here because I had a listener post to say that I offended them with my comments about project photos.

First, I’m a Jane Nobody.  I’m just like you and as I mentioned in the segment, we all have opinions. I was just sharing mine.  It doesn't make my opinion right or even important.

Second, of course all Ravelry users use the site for them and in a way that works best for them. Ultimately, your project photos are for you, not me. My point about personal photos is that I get sad that I can’t see all the details on projects in so many cases (not all, mind you). Again, my opinion is just that. An opinion. :)

Third, I worked hard to not call anyone out. I promise you, I am not talking about you personally. Take a look at my project photos. I am NOT a photographer and many of my photos are awful. I include myself when I say that it is a bummer that you can’t see all the hard work that went into a project from the photo.

Please remember to take my show with a grain of salt. I’m just a mom, wife, sister, friend, knitter, spinner, person just like everyone else on here. I’m not famous. I’m just a regular person who sits down to talk to you about my knitting, sewing, and what I may have noticed that week.

Happy crafting!