Saturday, February 21, 2015

S6E58 So Productive

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Welcome and thanks
    • Weather is cooling
    • Halloween
    • Kniftyhub's surgery
      • minor but sure to increase comfort
    • Fall makes me want to bake
  • Notions
      • Two weeks?
      • all warm and cuddly items
      • Post pics to enter
      • Small prizes
        • patterns and project bag
      • Last chance!
    • Craftsy
      • Watching lots
    • Retreat!
  • Working Even in Pattern
    • Finished Autumn Splendor
      • Tadone!
      • Added length
      • Quilted bottom border
      • bound and washed
    • Halloween table runner
      • quilted in Halloween motifs
    • Christmasy table topper
      • Tadone
    • 30's repro prints
      • 16 patch blocks
      • Tadone
    • Minnesota Table Runner
      • Needs last border
    • Zigzagular socks
      • Neon Now by Plymouth
    • Easy Thrummed Mittens
      • Still excited to finish
    • Next
      • boy's vanilla socks
      • Socks on a Plane
      • And...???
  • Ripping Back
    • Zigzagular
    • Quilt mischief
    • Screwy thread tension
  • Mindful Knitting
    • Productivity Amid Chaos
    • CMF
      • Sims
  • Binding Off
Music:  Ken Kurland "Halloween Spirits"


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  3. This morning, I'm angry. My wrath targeted on adages. For example; 'there's nothing worse than a sneaky thief'. Patently false. Murderers, rapists, and corporate chieftains, investment bankers, child molesters, politicians, fiber artists, etc. Can we do away with those labels, which themselves are biased and bigoted notational remarks. I am a Sneaky-Thieved American, and damn proud of my heritage. We are all Americans. And we must find a way to live together. Our lives matter too.

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