Monday, February 13, 2012

S1E4 I Could Never Do That

  • Welcome
    • Intro
      • Segments include
    • Hello and thank you
  • Segments
    • Catch up
      • baby shower
      • snow!!!
      • Got my van
      • Not much crafty goodness in this episode
    •  Quilting Corner
      • 3 different One Block Wonder Quilts (this link is NOT my project...just an example for you to see)
        • no real progress
    • Musing/Fact mashup
      • "I Could Never Do That"
        • I'm self taught
        • It's just loops or straight stitching
        • No one is judging you
        • Just try it!!  What's the worst that could happen?
  • Closing
    • Thank you for listening
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    • Contact info
      • email:
      • show notes:
      • Ravelry group: Fiber and Fabric
      • Ravelry ID: kniftyknit75
    • Ending the show not with a song but a very sweet sound nonetheless 

What's left of the yarn for my Revontuli
My unblocked Revontuli
The non-African Africa quilt

Coral Reef One Block

Space/planets One Block

Toe up vanilla sock in Regia

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