Monday, February 25, 2013

S3E30 It'll Block Out...Right???

Add yourself to the Fiber and Fabric Listeners Map!!!

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Sick
    • Non-occurring snow
    • Girl Scout cookies
    • Joined WW online
  • Notions
    • What'cha Spinnin'?
      • Heard from Happycrafter207 and waiting for jpeled
    • Love for Alex
    • Photobombed pic of unblocked afghan square

      • Make something
      • Donate it to a charity of your choice
      • Submit a picture to email, Ravelry, or Twitter
      • Possibly win an incentive prize
  • Working Even in Pattern
  • First baby set
  • Ripping Back/Mindful Knitting
  • The now-doomed Mondo Cable Pulli
    • Mondo Cable/It'll Block Out...Right??
  • Binding Off
    • (contact info all above)

Music from Music Alley/Mevio
Aaron Short's "In Between"

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