Sunday, May 19, 2013

S4E35 Days of My Life

Holy cow do I babble like crazy about all that's going on in our family!!  Pictures are still not uploading.  Will reboot and check settings and try with the next episode.

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Surgery went well
      • healing
      • feeling pretty good
      • exhausted, though
    • Gardening soon!
      • weather is looking up
      • had snow since the last show was recorded
    • Bona fide cheerleader
    • Baseball season
    • KniftyHubby home soon
    • Overall happy and in a good place
  • Notions
    • Twin Cities Shop Hop
      • overview
      • found some perfect fabric for KniftyHubby
      • bought some rulers
      • bought some patterns
    • Love for Alex winners announced
    • Yarn acquistion
  • Working Even in Pattern

    • Leila
    • Nemesis
    • Mystery Quilt
    • Planning ahead
      • project bags
      • bowl "pot" holders
      • pillow cases
      • KniftyHubby's first ever quilt
  • No Ripping Back or Mindful Knitting since the show is already well over an hour
  • Binding Off

Music is the opening theme song for the show from Mevio/Music Alley
3 minute pop songs - "Our Song"

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