Saturday, January 14, 2012

S1E2: Too Cold to Knit!

  • Introductions
  • Segments
    • Knitting Nook
    • Quilting Corner
      • Autumn Splendor...DONE!!
      • Up next: Ty's Treasures
      • One Block Wonders (all book links are on the sidebar)
    • Spinning
    • Catching My Fancy
      • Diaper covers!!
    • Ramblings
      • Girl Scout cookie time!!
    • Musings
      • When is a mistake ok, bad enough to fix, noticeable but still not getting fixed?
    • Books I'm reading
      • Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Audio and Video Podcasting
      • The Girl Who Played With Fire
  • Closing
    • Thank you again
    • Today's music is my intro piece: Apesadumbrado by Alan Marchand
      • Thanks to Magnatune
    • Contact info
      • On Ravelry as kniftyknit75
      • Ravelry group: Fiber and Fabric
    • A favor:
      • If you like the podcast, please consider giving it a rating on iTunes if that is how you get the show.
See you next time!!


  1. The diaper cover is super cute!

    1. Thank you. I am liking it so now that I know it went well, I need to make a few more. The snaps are weird though so I have to see if maybe I didn't put them on straight or what's up. I have some of the cutest fabric so I'm looking forward to making more.