Saturday, January 28, 2012

S1E3 You Should Sell That!

  • Intro
    • Hello
    • Thanks to Badwolf22, 1to1, jamlknitter, knitpurlgurl, jpeled, wythlove, theyarngoeson, Grammie, bianca13, lily, ohsohappymom, craftyjosie, and elizstitches
      • Special thanks to one of my best friends, Alex.
  • Quilting Corner
    • Autumn Splendor
      • rows all together, borders are left
    • Pulled out three One Block Wonder quilts
  • Catching My Fancy
    • repurposing some receiving blankets into a design wall
  • FACT!!
    • New segment
    • How I learned to quilt
      • Learning to Quilt: A Beginner's Guide
      • Basic Guide to Basic Rotary Cut Quilts
  • Musing
    • You Should Sell That
  • Closing
    • Thank you again
    • Contact info:
    • Today's music
      • Opening: Apesadumbrado by Alan Marchand
      • Closing: Mister Right Now by Alan Marchand
      • Thanks to Magnatune 

After a year+, it's done!

Frabjous Fibers - Deep Space

Malabrigo Worsted - Nostalgia

Autumn Splendor blocks together

Pink piggy hat is done!

Cupcake Mittens-to-be


  1. really enjoying your podcast via knitting brooklyn. sorry your van is not working hope you are able to drive soon. looking forward to listening to more podcasts from you

  2. Well, I thank you sincerely for the compliment. And thank you for letting me know how you found the podcast. I'm enjoying producing it and as long as I enjoy it and I have listeners that are enjoying, I think I'll stick with it. :)

    The van should be done by next week /crosses fingers/. I hope!

    Thanks again for getting in contact. Have a great week.

  3. I am totally with you on the whole "You should sell that!" thing. There's way too much work and love in what we do for someone to afford to pay a fair price for it. Plus, I like to see my stuff even after it's given away, so if it has gone to friends and family, I can see it in use and THAT is the greatest compliment and makes it worth it.

    1. Hey lady! So happy to see you on here. :) I couldn't agree with what you said more if I tried. I'm always so proud of my stuff because "wow, I made THAT"! I too really like to see it after it is done and I'm just too selfish to just give my stuff away willy nilly and selling it would be a whole new level of sad for me.