Friday, September 6, 2013

S4E39 Some People

  • Intro
  • Casting On
    • Welcome
    • Thank you
    • Sports coming to an end
      • Champ game
      • tournament
    • Competition Cheer
    • Knifty Hubby is done with travel
    • FabShopHop
      • August Hop started
  • Notions
    • Giveaway
    • New members
    • Open Etsy shop thread
  • Working Even in Pattern
    • Bitterroot
      • Ta-done!
      • Malabrigo Silkpaca laceweight in Arcangel
    • Monsters
      • 2 arms
    • Pottery
      • couple of bowls
      • jewelry jars
    • Planning to dye yarn for my sweater
  • Mindful Kniting
    • Some People ie. It's Supposed to be Fun
    • CMF
      • Shop hopping!
  • Binding Off
If you'd like to see what a Flying Geese block looks like, click here.

Because I'm apparently not smart enough to know that I played this song already (like last week!!), the song is again from Mevio/Music Alley and is Sketch for Summer by Martin Mensik.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for using my music at the end of this episode.
    "Sketch for Summer"

    All the best from,
    Martin Mensik